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At Learning Power Academics, we are passionate at providing academic support to students of all ages and education paths! We offer PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Options) tutoring and academic coaching. Choosing the PSEO path during high school is an exciting decision and one that is very honorable! PSEO is an excellent education option for students that provides them with a preview of what is to come in college!


Students are able to complete and gain college credit while still in high school and get a feel for what their schedule may be like once they begin college after high school. With these opportunities comes additional stress in terms of adjusting to a different schedule, a more independent academic setup, increased workloads, and advanced/new courses and coursework. 

We provide flexible tutoring options for PSEO and first year college students. Tutors come along side them providing academic support for all courses and first year college subjects.

College Math

From college algebra to calculus courses, we provide tutoring support for student's needs.


We provide tutoring support in Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. 

Freshman English Literature

Papers, papers, and more papers! Don't panic, our tutors are here to assist students in all their paper writing needs.

Accountability and Organization

Teaching students the importance of organization, time management and planning ahead in order to be  successful in college courses.

College Sciences

Chemistry, Biology, Genetics, and Physics...We provide personalized tutoring for all of these courses.

AP and Honors Coursework Tutoring

Gain college credits with ease! Personalized academic support for all AP and Honors high school courses. 

Homework support and academic confidence are one call away!

Contact an Academic Coordinator!
Call: (952) 769-6995
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