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Accountability and motivational coaching

Middle school and high school can be challenging times for students as they struggle to balance responsibilities, manage social lives and extracurriculars, stay on top of school work, stay organized and focused, and maintain their drive for success. 

Tutoring Programs That...


Coaching students on skills and abilities needed for success:

  • Organization

  • Planning Skills

  • Integrated use of Paper and Online Tools

  • Prioritizing

  • Self-Accountability


Instructors are passionate at becoming personal mentors to each student, motivating them through positive encouraging relationships. Our mission is to motivate students to take responsibility of their journey to success!


Academic success is contagious! Our learning environment, programs, and attitudes at Learning Power Academics are designed to ignite each student's academic drive! We use student's own successes for continued inspiration.

Academic Accountability Coaching

Academic Accountability Coaching

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