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Grades K-5 Elementary school tutoring

Keep your child moving forward with our uniquely student-tailored Elementary Learning Programs & Tutoring! 

Pre-Kindergarten and Elementary years are developmentally crucial, providing children with the

essential building blocks for future academic success. Our instructors deliver child-tailored support aimed at not only transforming their understanding and performance in weak areas, but also enriching their performance and progression in areas of academic strength. Lasting retention of skills and knowledge requires both intervention and enrichment support. Our programs encompass both aspects in order to achieve the highest level of academic growth.


Reading Tutoring

Our initial and on-going skills assessments reveal each student's areas of reading weakness. Mastery of reading skills at the pre-k and elementary level is essential for forward progression of skills into middle school and high school levels. Our reading programs provide children with the necessary tools for reading success.


We provide instruction that builds skills such as reading comprehension, critical thinking, word meaning, sentence structure, reading fluency and the ability to retain information long-term. We are passionate at making reading fun and exciting for students by consistently introducing new and stimulating materials into each student's reading program.

Programs are uniquely designed to target and strengthen student's abilities in: Spelling is a the foundation of writing and a critical piece of LPA reading programs.


Master letter and letter group sound correlations with our fun and engaging phonics curriculum.


Spelling is the foundation of writing and a critical piece of LPA reading programs.


Vocabulary growth and enrichment is a vital piece of advancing a child's reading and writing abilities.


Reading comprehension is a primary focus of our programs, preparing children for the coming grade level expectations.


Math Tutoring

Mathematics concepts acquired during a child's elementary years are critical and the key to further success in all math courses to come. Our math programs are designed to challenge and stimulate your child's mathematical thinking skills and abilities. Our instruction and programs are not just about concept mastery, but most importantly knowledge retention and deeper levels of understanding. We strive to not only strengthen their understanding of the currently taught topics, but also to consistently challenge student's minds with the introduction of new challenging concepts and exercises.


Forward progression and growth is our emphasis! 

Number Sense

Number sense and number formation is a integral aspect of our early elementary math programs.

Computation and Math Facts

Adding, Subtracting, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, etc.

Real World
Problem Solving

Word problems and critical thinking can be a great challenge. We place emphasis on this skill in order to build confidence.

Middle School Math Prep

Percents, expressions and equations, graphing, and other pre-algebra covered in order to foster smooth transitions.

Writing Tutoring

The growth and enrichment of one's writing skills at the elementary level is critical as it is during these years that the stage is set for student's writing performance in years to come. Whether completing a story, paper, or written response to a test question, writing skills play a vital role in academic success and confidence. Building up these foundation skills during the early developmental years is a must. Our writing programs focus on the growth of creative mindsets and encourage "outside of the box" idea creation. We implement writing practice and support into all tutoring programs as it is a skill that spans into all facets of academic success!


Writing tutoring incorporates the strengthening of language arts and grammar skills as they are the foundation of writing success. 

Sentence Structure

Paper organization emphasized as well as essay planning skills. Instructors teach paragraph construction and structure.

Paper Writing

Introductions, conclusions, attention getters, topic sentences and much more...We cover all of the critical parts of paper writing!


Personal narratives, persuasive, demonstrative, research, biographies, autobiographies, and more. We teach the specifics and provide practice and feeback!

Your Child's Homework success Center!

Homework can be very stressful for children and families, especially when concepts are not understood or motivation is lacking. At Learning Power Academics, we promise to come alongside you and your child during their education journey and help to take some of the stress and pressures off! 

Passionate, caring, and highly trained instructors provide tailored and personalized homework support and assistance. Re-claim your precious family time and decrease evening stress with LPA's homework support and supplemental tutoring options. Our flexible evening scheduling and "build-your-own" program style tutoring ensures academic success and confidence for your child!





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