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Grades 6-8 Middle School Tutoring


Our Middle School instructors understand the importance of building individual relationships with each and every student. We strive to go beyond the title of "tutor" and aspire to serve as a personalized academic success mentor to every student!

Middle school years are fundamentally crucial for student's high school preparation. The teaching of essential, success-based academic habits is vital during this period of a student's education. Our Middle School Tutoring Programs are designed specifically to support students in all areas of academic weakness and success, while equipping them with personalized homework/study tools!

Not only do our tutoring services help students meet grade level requirements with ease, but we also provide enrichment support, using above grade level curriculum to encourage constant growth of student's knowledge! Students advance exponentially in areas of strength and weakness and can tackle difficult concepts and subjects with confidence. 


Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, English, Reading Comprehension, Paper Writing, Test and Quiz Preparation, Study Skills, Organization, & Comprehensive Homework Help. 

Increase scores, boost grades, and open doors to academic opportunities with our individualized tutoring support programs!


Middle School math can seem very intimidating. Falling behind can happen quickly if concepts are not grasped and retained. We help student conquer current concepts and teach upcoming ones as well.


Our intervention tutoring provides the tools needed to successfully grasp and retain difficult concepts. 

We provide in-depth concept explanation, demonstration, question walk-through, and enrichment support in the following math subject areas:

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Real World Applications

Study Skills &
Test Prep

Our individually designed middle school test prep programs target the development and strengthening of effective studying and test preparation skills. Instructors mentor and teach students time management, organization, planning ahead, note-taking, and the essential parts of studying for quizzes and tests. 

Increase scores

Boost grades

Students take these skills with them into high school and beyond!


Science can be very challenging for many middle school students as they begin facing more difficult concepts, terminology, and subject matter.


Interpretation of complicated concepts can be an overwhelming task for many. Our middle school science tutors help students with effectively breaking down and analyzing complicated science materials and provide them with the tools for comprehension success in:

  • Earth and Life Science

  • Biology

  • Astronomy

  • Chemistry Introduction


Reading Comprehension

During middle school, students are introduced to challenging and new vocabulary and literature concepts. It can be difficult for them to effectively break down and retain certain information. Our middle school reading programs provide students with effective comprehension and retention skills that they will carry with them into high school. 

Our emphasis is building reading skills for higher understanding of literature materials and critical thinking. 

English & Writing

During middle school, students begin experiencing higher level writing requirements. It is crucial to build a solid foundation of writing skills in middle school in order for students to confidently tackle the writing demands of years to come. 

Our Writing Programs emphasize the strengthening of skills in the following areas:

  • Grammar 

  • Essay parts

  • Thought and Paper Organization

  • Writing Process

  • Vocabulary Enrichment

  • Short Answer Test Response Skills

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This summer, take back skill mastery and confidence with intervention and enrichment instruction. Our K-12 summer programs prevent knowledge loss and prepare students for upcoming curriculum so that they enter into the next grade level ready to exceed grade level standards!



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