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Why is Summer Learning Important? Skip Summer Knowledge Loss...

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Studies show that on average, students lose 39% of the year's learning & knowledge over summer months...

This past school year has been marked by challenge, stress, and mental fatigue for many students as we've transitioned back to normal learning layouts, expectations, and curriculum rigor. More than ever before, it is critical to maintain and build upon your student's knowledge base and skills during the summer months in order to avoid regression and loss. No matter the age or grade level, summer enrichment learning is imperative for maintaining and encouraging forward momentum of skills as well as development of essential academic success habits.

1) Curriculum Catch-Up:

Summer is a great opportunity to fill any knowledge and/or skill gaps that may have occurred during the school year. Catch up on lost/missed curriculum or strengthen those areas that weren't mastered at the time of learning. Summer learning provides opportunities for students to compensate for any learning shortfalls that were experienced during the year as well as prepare for this upcoming fall's academic demands and requirements.

Use summer months to strengthen performance, skills, and understanding in specific subject areas. By sharpening brain function and abilities in these struggle-some areas, students enter into the next school year feeling confident and equipped with the knowledge and skills to be successful in their toughest classes and subjects.

2) Maintain Academic Engagement - Stimulate Cognitive Functioning

During summer, students have the freedom to learn at their own pace! While polishing skills and enhancing their performance in subject areas such as reading, writing, and math, students are increasing their likelihood for success during the coming year while maintaining a healthy learning structure during their summer experiences.

3) Prepare for the Upcoming School Year - GET AHEAD!

Don't let knowledge "cob webs" form! The brain is a muscle and when

students stop exercising it during summer months, cob webs form, making peak performance impossible come fall. So, get ready and learn core concepts ahead of time! Summer is a great time to take advantage of learning the basics of the coming year and enriching the brain with a sneak peak of the coming curriculum and requirements, so students can excel with confidence as they learn new challenging concepts and skills.

4) Inspire Excitement and Explore New Topics

With less school stress and pressures, students have more time and mental capacity to be creative and explore curiosities! After all, summer is designed for recharging and having fun, so why not do both! Learning is fun and exciting, especially when tailored to interests. Supplemental learning provides greater opportunities for exposure to new and unique academic topics and curriculum coverage that weren't possible during the school year.

5) Promotes a Maintained Routine and Encourages Balance

By having scheduled learning part of the week, students continue practicing a routine and having responsibilities to complete each week. Participating in a form of summer enrichment learning promotes a healthy balance in children's daily schedules and results in well-rounded use of all aspects of the brain and cognitive functioning.

Summer learning also provides great social development experiences that allow students to connect and engage with other peers in a scholastic setting where discussion and question asking is encouraged!

Spring into summer success and growth by planning out your child's summer learning activities and program participation!

For information on Learning Power Academic's Summer Enrichment Learning Offerings, go to: or call (952) 769-6995!

We are excited for a sunshine soaked summer of academic advancement and exploration!

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