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The Scoop: Changes to the ACT Test September 2020...

There's been lots of buzz around what exact changes are coming for the ACT test in 2020 and many different rumors on what these changes will look like. In short, the ACT makers, with their core mission in mind, decided on changes that they felt would enhance student's experiences with the ACT test and provide more options to them that would likely yield greater success. For those with lots of questions, here is a snapshot of the changes coming in September 2020 to the ACT test!

1. ACT SECTION RETESTING: Students that have taken the full ACT test before may now have the ability to retake a single or multiple sections of the ACT test (English, Reading, Math, and Science) for the chance of enhancing their score(s). The theory behind this change is to more adequately showcase and reveal student's true performance abilities in all subjects.

2. ONLINE TESTING OPTIONS: To adapt to changing learning styles and testing environment preferences, the ACT will be offering both online and on-paper testing options. Online testing will become available for students September 2020. The online option provides quicker test results which can be helpful for students that are crunched for time during college application processes.

3. ACT SUPERSCORING: It only makes sense that along with single test section retake options, superscoring of student's tests will be offered. This allows students to submit their highest scores in all sections of their tests to better showcase their abilities to colleges and admissions personnel. The superscore shows the average of the four best subject scores from each test attempt.

With these greater choices available to students taking the ACT test, students will fortunately have more opportunities to showcase their academic talents and excellence. Learning Power Academics has adjusted our ACT Prep Program offerings to match these changes! We now provide section specific prep options for those wanting to focus their efforts on one area of the test. This change will also provide a more affordable, financially friendly avenue for ACT test prep. Check our ACT Prep Page for more details.

Learning Power Academics is excited to come alongside your student in their ACT prep journey!

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